PTSD and Me

My Journey Through Life

The biggest reason I started this blog was to use it as an outlet. A place where I can express my feelings and opinions. Where I can share my life experiences. I have spent a majority of my life talking without really saying anything. I’ve held on to my real feelings and emotions for way to long.

Thanks to my wife, and the support of my counselors, I have finally started to speak up for myself.

I was diagnosed with PTSD a few years ago, but I’ve had it since I was 7. I had a rough childhood and I was abused physically and mentally. I spent 23 years thinking there was something wrong with me. Thinking I was broken and unimportant. I never thought I could get married or have children . The truth is I was still battling my inner demons blindly, when my wife came into my life.

She was truly a light, during a dark time in my life. I still felt dirty and insecure, but we fell in love, and that got us through the rough spots. We had our daughter 3 years later, and she has also helped shape me into the man I am today. All of this considered, I still felt like there was something wrong with me.

When I was diagnosed, everything made sense all of a sudden. The flashbacks, panic attacks, nightmares and mood swings all added up. Now don’t get me wrong, I was far from doing well, and I still fight myself daily, but it’s nice to at least understand part of what’s going on internally.

I started homeschooling my daughter and I’ve never been happier. I’ve always loved to teach, and I was a trainer and manager for the last decade, so it made perfect sense for me to do this.

I just wanted to share my story. I hope that this helps or at least inspires anyone who is struggling through life.

I am just a regular guy, but to my daughter I am superman. I found my purpose in life; my family.

My wife told me once “That you don’t have to be rich or famous to be important, you just have to be true to yourself and love the ones around you”.

If you have, or know someone that has PTSD or any other mental health issues, how do you handle it? What methods have you found helpful?


12 thoughts on “PTSD and Me

  1. paulabianchi88 says:

    I know what it’s like to battle demons. I was molested for 9yrs until I was 13. I stopped it, but I didn’t know it would screw with my head until I was 42. That’s when I found my therapist. Thanks to the work we did together, I’m now sharing it all in my blog just like you. You’ll learn a lot from other blogs too. Talking about it really helps. If you find the time, check out my Therapy articles. Sending light-n-love.

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    • One Regular Dad says:

      Yeah, I’ve definitely learned a lot reading from other people’s journeys and perspectives.

      It’s great that people who spent years without a voice can finally speak up.

      Look forward for to checking out your articles, thanks for stopping by.

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  2. Liz says:

    I have suffered from PTSD. Not greatly to the extent of other bloggers, but it affected me when it happened.
    My PTSD started when talking about tje ears in my childhood I never spoke out before, because no counsellor asked things to go in that arwa until the last lot of counselling I had that I blogged about at the time it was happening.
    One if my triggers happened while in bed, so I felt best to stay there and wrap myself tighter in my duvet, until I fell asleep.
    When I received things I could try for future attacks, as some happened while out and about, I used my senses. It may not have been all if them, as it depended where I was, but it helped.
    Like one time, when it happened on a bus unexpectedly, I made sure I looked out the window to observe things passing by. I would tell myself what I seen. I would touch the seat I waa sitting on, grabbing it tight for a second or two if needed. I also made sure I had lavender to hand, to smell.

    At home, when I had another episode, I made a mug if tea and focused on that when drinking; the warmth, taste, while looking at objects in my home and being aware of my feet on the floor.

    There are others I may use, but it depends at the time.

    I can get easily triggered with other things not related to my ptsd and I have been triggered this year in the past few months with the difficulties I have had this year. This is all on my blog too as I have gone along in life. Watching a lot of dvd’s has been my escape these past few months, as well as a lot more walking this year. I like to walk, but this year, I have walked more than I ever done before.

    I seemed to have a couple of months where I was baking too.

    I hope you find writing your blog therapeutic as I have done.

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    • One Regular Dad says:

      Thank you for sharing, it’s always amazes me at the clever little ways people deal with their PTSD and anxiety.

      I have my own methods too of course, but I love seeing the ways that others cling onto reality.

      It just shows that while we are all in this together and we are a community that helps motivate each other, we are also still individuals.

      Thanks again for sharing and I hope you have a great day.

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      • Liz says:

        You’re welcome and thanks. Have a great day yourself.

        Yes, the community is definitely supportive here. A good place to share our own experiences, or to learn something new.

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  3. aramblingcollective says:

    My therapist suggested I start a blog as an outlet for my feelings. The positivity, connection and validation from complete strangers has been amazing. Almost two years of blogging later, the themes of my writing have changed a little, and some of my stories have ended up in anthologies. Who knows where it will lead?
    It takes courage to reach inside yourself and pull out the jumble of feelings. Organising them into a blog post/story is exhausting. Many times I’ve been in tears as I write, and read-reading some stories still stirs those emotions. Then they’re out there. Slowly, slowly, people find these stories and a few let me know how the writing had affected them. It’s little random pops of love.
    Keep it up. It might take a while to see some results, then it’ll snowball. I’ve deleted a lot of earlier posts as they were too angry, but I had to rid myself of that first before I tapped into other emotions.
    Writing has helped me get to know the person I am now, as the person I was had gone.

    I hope I’m making sense! Good luck with your blog and I wish you well with your recovery. Nicola 😀

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    • One Regular Dad says:

      My therapist was the one that suggested writing my blog as well.

      I’ve been writing for half my life, but I am glad I’ve finally started sharing it.

      Things are already going really good and I have an E-Book coming out next year.

      You make perfect sense. Thanks for sharing,


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