Socially Awkward

Facebook, stalking.

YouTube, watching.

Twitter, has no attention span.

Instagram all flash, no substance.

Pinterest corrupts imagination.

Snapchat, edits, saved and compromised.

Google, belongs to the highest bidder.

Skype connects but leaves us disconnected.

Netflix helps us zone out nightly.

Hulu keeps things topical,

Yet still has no meat upon it’s bones.

The news keeps us distracted,

With the tragic timeline of the week.

When did we become so dependent.

We are all together, yet separated,

Marking progress, yet still segregated.

Mostly joking, ironically poking fun,

While I sit and blog away.

Subtle truths to be found inside.

Life itself exists beyond the great divide.


2 thoughts on “Socially Awkward

  1. Duke Miller says:

    Hi ORDad,

    Well the only things I see you have left out are booze and drugs while we turn into online zombies. It speeds up the process of dissolution. I consider all of the stuff you talk about as nails in the coffin. The rich have it figured out that the cost of creating virtual worlds is far less expensive then saving the real world, plus they get to make money and sway elections. Nice poem. Too bad it can’t be branded onto the butts of the people who control the airwaves and the cables. Thanks. Duke


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