Parenting and Mental Health

Parenting Through the Pain

I love being a husband and a dad, but some days are a struggle. We are not always on the same page, and that can lead to conflicts. Being a family is about compromising and being there for each other.

The biggest problem I have, is trying to move on from my past trauma. I get flashbacks and nightmares that drag me back into my childhood. It’s a place I try to avoid, even though I know I need to accept what happened, I still struggle with the shame of it all.

My mind has a tendancy of transplanting thoughts onto other people and situations. People of authority; especially men.

Sometimes I won’t trust older men, Or I do the polar opposite, and go out of my way to try and impress them. It’s not just men, I tend to do the same thing with new people.

It’s hard to emotionally separate the past from the present. I went through a majority of my abuse before I was a teenager, so a lot of times, I find myself reacting to things like a child. I’ve gotten better at recognizing this behavior, but I still throw the occasional temper tantrum.

The problem is, now that I am a husband and parent, I have to be careful not to transplant my emotions onto my family. They deserve better then that. My daughter is 7, she’s amazing and I love her.

I was sexually abused when I was 7, something that I still struggle with. I worry so much about something similar happening to her, that my wife and I have a hard time leaving her with other people.

It’s getting easier every day, my daughter is almost 8, and my wife and I have had tons of conversations about it.

Parenting has helped me work on a lot of my mental health issues, but the road is a very long one. I will say that parenting is not always easy, but being a good parent means that you push through the pain and do the best you can for your children.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, I hope this helped someone regardless if there going through similar issues or not.

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Have a great day.


2 thoughts on “Parenting and Mental Health

  1. Marty says:

    Life from childhood trauma is never easy

    From what I have read and know about ur situation you are functioning and living your life in the midst of ptsd

    That is half way to healed

    Our minds spot danger better than others

    My childhood ptsd did not explode until my daughter called late one night after a serious accident.

    I handled
    My wreck and surgeries
    But my daughters ignited my ptsd

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