Centering Myself

Meditation on a Rainy Day

I try and meditate on a daily basis. I usually do this in the morning, and sometimes if I’ve had a rough day, also at night.

I have panic attacks and tend to get anxious in social settings, but I’ve noticed that I am doing a little better since I started blogging. This blog is another way I canter myself, and it’s very therapeutic.

Meditation helps to center me, it helps me evaluate the issues at hand. I try to not dwell on the negativity in my life, and meditation helps me focus on the positivity instead.

There are parts of myself, that I’ve never fully accepted, and that creates an internal struggle. I know that the road to acceptance is made up of little steps. This morning ritual is one of the steps that helps me move forward down the path of recovery.

Chronic Pain on a Rainy Day

It’s been raining all day and ironically it feels like the rain is setting my joints on fire.

I have always loved the rain, I find it very peaceful. It’s a great time to meditate or read a book. I am trying to focus on that peaceful feeling and not the pain that is currently plaguing every joint in my body.

I am going to start doing yoga in the morning, so if anyone has any experience with yoga, I would love some advice on where to look for good beginner exercises.

I am not comfortable going to a class with other people yet, and I have tried google, and I have found some good exercises. I just haven’t found any for people with joint issues.

I know that I have to be persistent, proactive and patient, but somedays it can be hard.

I am thankful for all of the things I can still do and I am getting used to not pushing myself as hard as I used to.

Mentally I am actually having a good day, I feel like I made some progress.

I hope that with more time I will be able to accept those inner demons, that I have run away from for years. I am through with running and hiding. I refuse to let my past continue to dictate my future.

I am so thankful for all of the advice and support.

If anyone has anymore advice on dealing with PTSD, OCD, anxiety or chronic pain, please feel free to comment, or you can always drop me an email at:

As always, have a great day.


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