100 + Reasons to be Happy

Thankyou to All

Last night I hit 100 subscribers, which for me is pretty amazing. When I started this blog a few weeks ago I never expected to get any subscribers.

I created this blog for a few reasons;

Therapy: PTSD and social anxiety are the main reasons I started this blog. I am trying to overcome my social anxiety and heal some of my past trauma.

An Outlet: I have always loved to write. I try to write everyday, and now I have a reason to put my feelings and emotions into written word.

Networking: I wanted to try and connect to other people, with similar mental health issues, with the hope to help others and get some help myself.

Having Some Fun: I have a tendency to obsess over things and take them way to seriously. While I definitely want this blog to grow and prosper, I also plan on having as much fun doing it as I can.

This blog has been a great way to reach out in a way that still makes me feel safe and secure. I hope this has inspired anyone that is thinking about blogging full time that they should.

I love blogging, and so far, I’ve been making a ton of progress.

I definitely have everyone of my subscribers to thank.

Have a great day!


5 thoughts on “100 + Reasons to be Happy

  1. omvelankar says:

    Writing is a very good habit. I am too resorting to it track my progress and remind me of the things I want to do. My plan is to look at the positively and write them down.
    I wish you success in your journey.

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