How To Test For ADHD

Ten Signs You Have ADHD

  1. You skipped this line completely.
  2. Your laptop goes into sticky keys all of the time because your drumming on your keyboard.
  3. You’re reading 50 books, none of them past chapter 1.
  4. You are currently doing physical activities while reading this list.
  5. Your thinking about netfl….pup…wal…dinn…what was I doing?
  6. You’ve gotten up at least 4 times in the middle of reading this list.
  7. Your friends get whiplash trying to follow your movements around the room.
  8. You didn’t take any of this seriously because you have a great sense of humor.
  9. You stopped reading this list at #8.
  10. You read this line first and then got distracted by something shiny.

Well there you go. If you have any of these signs, then you may just have ADHD.

Have a great day everyone.


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