Currents of doubt wash over me,

Is this truly my destiny?

I walk towards the open door.

Opportunities galore.

But failure starts to loom.

My life seems drenched in gloom.

What stared out as a bright day,

Has become a world of gray.

As the door slams shut in my face,

I fall back into my place.

My life is structured in monotony.

To leave seems like an act of futility.

Once again I fall into my safe rut,

Sitting here on my lazy butt.

Then I see you one bland day,

You stick out in the best way.

You add color to my life,

Together overcoming strife.

You taught me to say, “Fuck you door!”.

Just spread your wings and start to soar.

Failure no longer bars my way.

I strive to conquer every day.


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