A tap on the shoulder,

And the weight of the world shifts.

Like a car with a blown out clutch.

Clutched in my hands are fragmented words.


My words turned you away from me.

So, I turn about face, to face the music.

Only to face a mere reflection.

A photo copied piece of carbon.

Not the you of our youth,

Or the me of my memories.

Two apparitions, wizened by time.

Times change, and life goes on.

Yet here we stand, unable to move.

Locked in perpetual emotional fallout.

I dropped a bomb on you and I blew it.

You blew away like dust.

My life crumbling to ashes in the process.

A conversation never truly processed.

Now unable to talk, we stare.

Two wraiths frozen for eternity.

Eternally doubting.

Internally shouting;

“I never should have turned away.”


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