Those two words pretty much sum up my day. I have been waiting for two important calls today. Well I received one this morning, so I’m halfway there.

I just found out that I could trade my old car in for a newer one and save some money.

So that was amazing. With Christmas coming up every penny counts.

This was a good surprise, but here I sit for a couple hour waiting to finish paperwork.

The positive thing is that I have plenty of time to write a post today. So I sit here writing and worrying about the second call.

I am supposed to find the results of some blood tests today. Hopefully it will point the doctors in the right direction.

The thing is some of those paths are quite scary. So I sit in the dark trapped inside my head picturing the worst.

I am holding onto hope that they can figure it out quickly and I can start being more proactive. I want to know what will help and what will hinder my pain management.

I am not giving up, but these fears do trigger my anxiety and OCD.

I did clean most of my house this morning, so that’s a benefit, also some of my new meds have helped me from getting as many panic attacks as I used to get.

Anyway just wanted to fill everyone in, I hope you are all doing very good this holiday season.


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