Portrait of an Addict

This poem is more like free running for my soul. The man depicted in the following piece is a scared, sad and self destructive boy.

Someone who was headed for a quick exit off of the highway.

This is me 15 years ago.

Act One

Acting tough,

In a meek way.

Flashing that broken smile.

Trashed and rotting away.

Downward spiral,

Plowing through bedrock.

Rock bottom is my ceiling.

In between pain and feeling.

Act Two

Second act!

Cut me some slack,

And I free fall upward.

Transcending my fate.

To be smashed down again.

My life; A fucking yo-yo.


This is where your meant to be.

The end to empty voices.

No pity; just strong choices.

Don’t sit down waiting to be saved.

Don’t crawl through bramble,

When the road is paved.

Life is not easy, no shit right.

But it dose t have to be all fight or flight.

Act 3

Undetermined, unforgiving but hardly unimportant.


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