Hall of Mirrors

Walking with a grin,

plastered on my face.

Slowly stepping,

through time and space.

Reflections of a tattered soul,

reveal broken parts,

of a sum-less whole.

A familiar stare,

bears down on me.

A twisted version,

an absurd facsimile.

Halfway inside,

on a broken track.

A disorted dopelganger,

tries to drag me back.

A soliloquy of grief,

plays out before me.

Tangled emotions,

create a burred story.

The experience brings a haze,

and fogs my perception.

A trip down a maze,

of intense introspection.


25 thoughts on “Hall of Mirrors

  1. Marty says:

    Tangled emotions,
    create a burred story.

    Ricard says emotions are fleeting, ephemeral and transparent

    We all have the same number of emotions

    Writing your post I bet more than one emotions popped up

    Why do we give emotions such enormous importance

    They arrive out of nowhere at times, stay a while and leave like an image in a mirror. No residue without judgment

    I wait for an emotion to wane then get back to living

    I used to give great importance to emotions now I could give a shit and then they fade

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    • One Regular Dad says:

      Emotions are the whole reason I write poetry.

      I take these fleeting moments that are primal and visceral, and regurgitate them onto the page.

      I get what your saying but I feel like emotions make us human.

      I am not saying we should give into them, but when I get emotional about something that’s totally irrelevant it raises a small red flag.

      I am able to explore that feeling. I try and trace it back to its origin.

      Some emotions can lead us down a dark path, but others can spark brilliance.

      To dismiss them haphazardly seems like a waste.

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      • Marty says:

        Not dismiss

        Buddhist do not have a word for emotion

        Negative emotions do damage if grasped more than a few moments

        Have you tried going below emotions to your inner world

        I find emotions narrowing my life

        I do not try to make good emotions last longer and longer

        I would much rather be present free of judgment than in emotional throes

        Worry doubt resentment jealousy
        Fear can dominate a life filled with abuse from childhood

        I healed by discounting negative emotion

        How has all this importance given to emotion worked out for you

        For me I went deeper down the confusing Ptsd hole


      • One Regular Dad says:

        That’s no true. I am confused, because Buddhism is a religion, and it’s universally practiced by people who speak different languages.

        Emotions are a fundamental aspect of Buddhism. Buddha taught that there is nothing wrong with emotions. The teaching say we should not let emotions control us, nothing is stated about ignoring them entirely.

        They help breed creativity and art.

        I agree to not drown In your emotions, but you can still let them bathe over you.

        I find that emotions help me create. How do you enjoy a piece of art or listen to a song without feeling emotional about it.

        I have to tap into emotions and hold them closely to write poetry. It’s at that moment that I can let go of those emotions.

        I don’t think life is black and white. Emotions fall In that gray area. I do t think it’s healthy to give up emotions.

        Life might not be Perfect, but emotional context helps me connect to my fellow human beings.

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      • Marty says:

        Here is Ricard

        “Despite their rich terminology for describing a wide range of mental events, the traditional languages of Buddhism have no word for emotion as such.
        That may be because according to Buddhism all types of mental activity, including rational thought, are associated with some kind of feeling, be it one of pleasure, pain, or indifference.
        And most affective states, such as love and hatred, arise together with discursive thought.
        Rather than distinguishing between emotions and thoughts, Buddhism is more concerned with understanding which types of mental activity are conducive to one’s own and others’ well-being, and which are harmful, especially in the long run.
        This is actually quite consistent with what cognitive science tells us about the brain and emotion.
        Every region in the brain that has been identified with some aspect of emotion has also been identified with aspects of cognition.


  2. Marty says:

    Buddhist place maximum importance with being present empty of thought for periods each day

    Not saying ignore emotions

    So we think something is correct or maybe important because a strong emotion is involved

    That is false

    The issue comes when we entertain emotions connected to our trauma or fears

    I do not have to hold them closely

    I am much more than a transparent fleeting emotion

    Poetry or art is not your issue

    Has grasping your trauma emotions healed you?

    Let’s talk about Ptsd and emotions

    Emotions keep us from trying risking healing at timed

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    • One Regular Dad says:

      Not saying your wrong, but I completely disagree with what you’re saying.

      I understand your point, but it’s just not that simple.

      But that’s perfectly fine.

      I am not going to change your mind and your not going to change mine.

      I passionately believe that emotions are an intricate part of our lives.

      In fact, we wouldn’t be having this conversation if we weren’t somewhat emotionally engaged to it.

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  3. Marty says:

    Can you tolerate looking at emotions a different wAy

    I take these fleeting moments that are primal and visceral, and regurgitate them onto the page.

    There is not an emotional center in the brain absent of cognition

    Following the emotion backwArd leads to trauma thoughts and fears

    This is the biggest symptom of ptsd,dissociation

    I got better not following negative emotions and thought

    Everyone I have helped improve has curtailed dissociating as much as they could

    Your ptsd primal fears are based on erroneous memory

    PTSD is irrational by definition

    What if your grasping or honoring emotions is hurting you?


      • Marty says:

        I think we go to extremes with our thinking

        Cuddle the good emotions but not to much

        Feel then release the negative and trauma related ones

        I did what you did and ended up agoraphobic

        I could not think or feel my way out


      • One Regular Dad says:

        yeah I think we are.

        I definitely agree to not hold onto trauma. My writing is how I release it. I channel it and turn it into a pice of artwork. I essentially give it a new home.

        My poetry is a release if negative emotions. A brief glimpse into my soul at a particular moment in time.

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      • Marty says:

        Writing about it is handling it

        Thinking about it

        That reinforces it

        In my opinion

        So has releasing these emotions

        Well you are really powering these emotions with thought and time then right them down in reality

        That made mine grow and grow

        So has your writing poetry about this stopped them or slowed them down

        From what I read they seem as haunting and narrowing of life as before


      • One Regular Dad says:

        Its actually helped me heal a lot. Its my emotional outlet.

        I used to get drunk and high every day. I used to be terrified to talk to anyone. I tried to not pay attention to my emotions and failed.

        My writing appears emotional and hectic because it is, but I am not.

        I don’t rehash my pain or my fear. For me its more like looking at a photograph.

        I see who I was and it helps me see how far I’ve come.

        It helps me remember that I feel better when I am not drowning my emotions in drugs and alcohol.

        My work pays homage to the scared lost little boy I was.

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      • Marty says:

        Ptsd is so confusing and destructive

        Good job trading in the drinking and drugs as a coping mechanism

        If I could suggest that keep
        Your poetry but with a few primal fears
        Or what shakes your system

        Let the storyline go

        Then take your focus and your breath to the body sensations

        Your breath explore
        Then dissipate
        The unrest

        With practice you can make friends with your fight or flight mechanism

        Lot of fear surrounding our adrenal stress response

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      • Marty says:

        I learned about emotions from this gal

        She hat in silent retreat and accumulated seven or eight years

        Her delivery is very simple and she explains how emotions are here to serve us

        We get to know the body sensations connected to our emotions

        This made a huge change for me

        That primal fear calmed and overtime my fight or flight mechanism stopped firing

        That cut my suffering by half immediately


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