How To Not YouTube -A Cautionary Tale

(The scene opens on a young man gleefully stepping out of a private jet.)

“Hey Guys, Welcome back to another episode of Toms Travels. I just landed in Brazil and this place is soooo crazy, okay. I am gonna get settled in and then I am gonna let you guys know where we are going tomorrow, okay.

I hope you guys are as excited as I am, okay. If you are, I want you to smash down that like button. I want you all to guess what I am doing in the comments section below and get ready for a huge surprise. – Love ya guys. Gooodbye!”

(We are greeted by an exuberant voice. The backdrop is a lavish hotel room.)

“Hey guys, Welcome back. I am getting ready for my crazy big adventure tomorrow. You want to know where I am going? All right based on your comments on my other video, most of you nailed it. Round of applause for you crafty subscribers. I am going into the Amazon. That’s right, the Amazon baby!

We are going to see if we can find some cool critters, okay. There are so many creatures you can’t find anywhere else, okay. So, I will have a guide with me, because you shouldn’t ever go into a jungle alone.

You guys seemed so psyched and if I get 100K likes, I am gonna do my trip into the Amazon livestream.  That’s right, we gonnna do this livestream bros, okay. That way you can follow me live on YouTube during my crazy epic adventure bro.

So, make sure to smash that like button down if you want to see me do some crazy stunts tomorrow. Comment your ideas below and I might choose one to start off my day, okay.  Remember If you haven’t subscribed make sure you do, so you can follow my live feed. – Love ya guys. Goooodbye!”

From Tom Travels Twitter account:

“Good morning everyone, so thanks to all of you for the support last night’s video hit 160K likes. Yeah, you know what that means I am gonna do some crazy shit today”. (With a link to the live feed)

(A dense forest blocks out the morning sun, setting up an ominous feeling. A live feed lays out the rest of the story)

“Hey everyobody so I’ve been waiting an hour for my guide to show up, and he just texted that he can’t make it. I know it’s a bummer, especially since I fly back out tomorrow for another shoot.

I don’t have time to find someone else, but the livestream is already set up, so I am just gonna wing it. Remember don’t ever do this, but I am a trained YouTuber, so I got this.  

I’m too excited and I don’t want to let my fans down.

So, Let’s start out.

Here we go, this trail is so epic. I am making sure to keep an eye out for snakes and some of the bigger inhabitants of the amazon. Most of these animals are more afraid of us, so I am gonna Dora the Explorer this shit.

I’ve been out here for about an hour and the suns beating down on me. I don’t know if you can tell, but I am already drenched in sweat. I don’t think many animals stray near this path so I want to leave it for a minute just to see what we can find.

I think I see some sort of nest over there and I kind of want to check it out. Plus, I can get under the canopy for a second.

What do you guys think should I stick to the path or not?”

(Tom gets a flood of comments on his live feed, some positive and negative. We see a glimpse of fear in his expression for the first time so far.)

“I am getting some mixed reviews, but enough of you want me to go for it. That I am gonna go for it, okay.

Let’s check it out!

It looks like it might be den. There’s a lot of matted grass and dirt if you look down here. Let’s go forward and check it out. I think I see an opening down there under the grass, okay. Could be a lot of things living down there.

I am gonna go a little closer, okay. I see something moving down there, and I need both hands free to be safe. So, give me a second as I set down my backpack and set up the tripod.

All right I am ready to do this, okay. It seems like the opening of the den is just past this sandy area. I want to be very careful here as I move forward, so I don’t spook whatever animal may be inside. Remember I am a professional, so never try this yourself, okay.”

(We watch as Tom leaves all his supplies behind including his camera and moves haphazardly forward into disaster, tripping over a root and falling face finto quicksand.)

“O shit What was that!”

(Tom flails, screaming out and desperately trying to find his footing.)

“What should I do?”

These are just a few of comments the flood Toms YouTube video during the live feed;

CrAzyPassta22: “Push down hard and jump up dummy lol.”

ThinBrainzstem84: “Should o been quicker.”

Stakeit6969: “Call fo  help.”

Thegomezanator232: “THIS IS SO FKING FAKE!!!”

(We center in on our protagonist, the color drains out of his now dirt streaked face, while he tries to remain composed.)

“All right I don’t know if you can see it from back there, but I am submerged halfway in this quicksand. I can’t feel my feet and I am way too far from the edge to get out.

(Minutes go by as Tom continually screams for help. His voice cracking as he slowly gets sucked into the ground.)

So. I am gonna keep screaming for help, okay! Share this with everyone you know and maybe I can get saved.

(Tears streak down his face and his last words slip out in a hoarse voice.)

Hopefully if I can get enough likes and shares in the next hour, someone will save me.”

(The camera drops to the ground, face down. Leaving us with the last image of Tom neck deep in the quicksand. The live feed ends. This video goes down as Toms most viewed and liked video ever.)

The authorities never made any comments on the video and as far as we know no official investigation has been launched. This was Toms last video ever posted and since then his and his family’s social media presence have all but disappeared.

The video has been watched over a billion times and while it has sparked a lot of controversy on whether YouTube should take down the video and launch its own investigation. They refused to comment on the validitiy of the video.

One night it just dissapeared from the internet, and all records of Tom’s Travels have been subsequently removed from the internet.

This makes us question the choices YouTubers make, and the responses we provide as viewers.


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