Hyper Vigilante

I’ve been having a hard time writing lately, I just feel like I am in survival mode. I know that my PTSD keeps me in fight or flight some days, well most days. Hyper vigilance is amazing when things go sideways, because my body and mind are both just waiting for conflict.

The bad part is that I feel like I am constantly at war and that plays into my anxiety. Add on a pandemic and I kill feel numb lately. I ha e a hard time creating anything during these times.

Even writing about myself like this seems difficult .

So I started writing this last week, and I decided to finish today and post it. I am doing a lot better this week

Anyway wanted everyone to know I am still posting and with my wife home I have been able to get a decent amount of my novel’s first draft done.

Hope you’re all safe and having a great day.



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