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I’ve had 2 paths laid out in front of me for awhile and I had to make a decision about which one to take.

The first path involves going back to a job that I am not sure I can even handle. It’s a safe choice in some ways. I know the in’s and out’s and I’ve been managing for six years.

I loved my job for a long time, and then my body started to fight against me. A couple surgeries later and I decided I need to find another way out.

I’ve always loved writing, so I looked into jobs I could do from home. After sifting through hundreds of jobs that I was either unqualified for or had ridiculous expectations I almost gave up.

Then I saw a job listing for a copywriter, honestly I had no idea what that even was. Then I started reading and realized I already had the skill set needed.

I’ve been into marketing for years, but not professionally. I’ve helped my mom with her business and it’s something that really interested me.

So I said fuck it, let’s dive in head first. Still going to write for fun and mental sanity, but it will be good for me to use my mind to make money instead of my back.

I am finally going to write for a living and I couldn’t be happier.

I do want to take a short pause here and thank my wife for always supporting me. She’s been reading my writing for almost 12 years.

She’s always told me I should write for a living, and she has supported every endeavor I make.

I have her reread my stuff all of the time, honestly I talk about my writing and whatever else is in my head non stop. She’s a saint to put up with me.

I know she will read this because she reads every post I write as soon as it shows up in her inbox.

Thank you Kate for always believing in me and putting up with my extroverted ways.

Also thank you to all of you who have supported me, it means a lot.

I’ll be posting again soon with more details, just have to finish up with a couple of things.

Thanks again, hope you’re all safe and doing well, have a great day.



8 thoughts on “Freelance Writing

  1. Todd Jones says:

    Congrats on your transition to a new job! I’ve been researching ways to become a writer so I can live a more nomadic lifestyle. Copywriting sounds like something I might be good at. Can you provide any resources you found useful in finding a role like that?

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    • Jesse Breck says:

      Thank you, and yes I have some great resources.

      There are a bunch of variants of copywriting. You can write magazine ads, billboards, direct mail, email campaigns, social media posts or even YouTube scripts.

      Some of these pay better, but honestly when you’re first starting out I’d experiment with different projects and see what you enjoy writing the most.

      The great thing about copywriting is that you don’t need a degree and you can work at your own pace, but the quicker you can write ugh quality work the more jobs you can take on.

      As far as developing skills goes, you only need 2 main skills; persuasive writing and researching.

      As far as persuasive writing goes, there are tons of free articles and sources out there.

      I always break down my writing into what the seller wants to say and what the customer wants to hear and find the grey area.

      As far as research goes, this is the biggest part of copywriting. So an understanding of market research and SEO are super important. Google has google docs, a keyword searcher and Adsense which are all extremely helpful and the first two are free.

      Coursea offers a free course in online marketing which gives you access to a bunch of different articles and ebooks that touch on every aspect of copywriting.

      I pay like $8 monthly for Microsoft word and another $5 for an email marketing tool, but besides that, I just did a ton of research.

      I’ve been writing for 15 years, so I spent most of my time learning about that.

      I would start with a list, try and figure out your strengths and weaknesses and go from there. It will help you focus on which areas to focus the most time on.

      I hope this is helpful and if you have any other questions feel free to ask me anything.


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