1 Year Later

Time is a funny thing. It’s such an abstract notion that it’s truly undefinable. We as human beings try to define it by breaking it down into segments, but this is just a tool we use to try and control time.

The thing is that time can’t be controlled or rationed out. It’s a force far beyond our control, and the more we try to control it, the less time we have.

If we try and schedule out every piece of our day, then we lose out on those moments that seem to stop time.

A moment frozen in time.

While those moments can be moments of pure ecstasy, I do acknowledge that they can also be moments of destruction or decay.

The thing is, we have very little control in life and the more we fight against time, the more likely we are to lose track of the parts of our life that are worth spending time on.

It has been 1 year since I started writing this blog and while I started with no expectations, I began to pressure myself more and more to continually publish posts, and eventually I just hit a wall.

Now that I’ve been reflecting over the last year, I see that I was trying so hard to make up for years of being too frightened to share my work with others, and I lost sight of the point of all of this.

I started this blog to help myself, and I continued writing to help inspire others who were dealing with ptsd, anxiety, depression, or abuse.

I want to be the voice for people who feel mute or invisible.

I’ve decided that I will write when I feel inspired to do so and not fight against time. This is a battle that none of us can win.

I hope everyone is being safe and staying healthy during this unsettling time. Remember that with patience, understanding and compassion we can get through anything.

While time dictates future events, we don’t have to let it dictate how we handle those events.



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