A long time coming

I am not really sure at what point I stopped writing on this blog and I can’t really give a clear Eason. There wasn’t any traumatic event (Well nothing specific anyway) that triggered it.

If I am being honest, and that was one of the reasons I started writing this blog In The first place, I just stopped one day and then a week went by, and then a month and so on.

I think that’s just how shit goes. It’s weird how something can seem to be the most important thing in the world one day and then it’s just another thing. The great thing about life though is you never know when the light is going to turn back on. One day that guitar you used to play toeveryday calls back to you. Reminds you of the good old days and a bunch of cliche shit like that

Anyway to circumvent my original thought. Regardless of why I stopped and where life has dragged me, the light is back on. The answer to why I came back, is actually fairly amusing.

I use EBay to sell collectibles I no longer want from time to time. I had some issues come up with a buster. He was a peach to deal with, and I was a bit of an ass myself.

The funny thing is I stopped and apologized to the guy and this whole thing just got dragged out and he kept finding ways to engage with me and I was done. So I blocked him, but I knew he had my name and I was worried he may find some more information about me. IDK I just get paranoid sometimes, and the Bi-Polar doesn’t help.

I don’t have a Facebook or much of anything when it comes to social media. I found a LinkedIn account I don’t use. A Pintrist acount with an old exhausted pic of me running a 5k, and a total of 3 pins. I also came across a million other pictures and pages of other people, but amid the myriad of random people, bots and shit I found my way back to this blog.

The app was still on my phone, where I left it and logging back in room all of 2 seconds. I still remember the basics of writing somewhat coherent thoughts, and trying not to fuck up too much of the spelling and grammar.

So I never lost the ability to connect and write, I just lost the connection itself. It’s like the WiFi went out do I started reading and focusing on other bullshit like video games and Marvel Movies.

So the lights back on, the WiFi is up and running and I am back, about as simple as that. I will add one more thing. You, each of you that have read and written, commented and communicated. You are the biggest reason that I was able to start writing again once that connection came on. I have found a great place to share. A place to support and be supported, which in todays worlds can be a rare thing, so thank you for always making me feel welcomed.

So to surmise. I stopped writing. I changed jobs, bought a house, went through Covid, and dealt with a ton of other crazy bullshit, but none of that got me writing again. Some asshole on EBay inadvertently triggered me to start writing again.

Maybe I should send home a thank you card 🤔


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