Love – 3 Haikus

At First Sight Eyes catch fleetingly. Momentarily as one. Love born out of chance. The Work Sacrificial nights, A price paid in blood and tears. Grows love ā€” abates fears. The Result An undying bond. Forged by an eternal flame. Love Is a Phoenix.


Sight My hearts a flutter, From a mere glimpse of your eyes. Iā€™m captivated. Touch My body quivers, As your silken hand touches mine. Graced by an Angel. Sound My ears are twice blessed, The definition of hot. Lust drips from your lips.

Lost Love – 3 Haikus

Desire Staring at the moon. Full of unbridled urges, Craving just one touch. Despair Drink myself to sleep, Haunted by my decisions. Drowning in sorrow. Destruction Sitting at our spot. Unraveling way too fast. A fool on a spool.