The Dome

Some days I seem to be doing amazing, everything clicks and I feel like I might be able to escape the nightmarish landscape that is my mind. I usually get overly excited and try to embrace the world around me. I grab these moments and hold them tightly, because they never last. I eventually crash … Continue reading The Dome



Shaking. Fetal and cold. Alone. Story untold. Waiting. Hating. Debating. Noise without action. Can’t gain traction. Still life. Still strife. Frozen in place. No light, No fight or flight. Just this eternal night.


Slithering underneath, Where no one hears. Hiding behind, A mask of tears. Skin crawling, At the sight. Smile twisted, Wound too tight. A secret hid, In plain view, Stalking prey. Nothing to you... I don’t know how to be brave, When all I do is “Misbehave”.

Drastic – 3 Haikus

Running Away From Darting for the door, Overwhelmed by childhood fears. Flashbacks in the wind. The Choice False smiles mask sadness. Pain reflected in dead eyes. One way out of life. Between Life and Death Death watches over me. One decision frees my soul. I choose to live life.


Frightened and alone. Cramped and prone. Under mossy stone. Crawling out my skin. Feeling frail and thin. What was my sin??? I scream, but have no voice. I try to move, but have no choice. His voice I hear, My primal fear. His body near. I awake, sweat blanketing me. Home alone and still not … Continue reading Fear


Not Your Choice, Not Your Fault There are a lot of things in the world we cannot control. The seasons, the weather, the weekend (I am sure we wish we could). These things and many more can have some effect on our daily lives, if we allow them too. Then there are other things in … Continue reading Choices


Terror grips a young man's mind. A smile; a mask he hides behind. Darkness spreads out like roots, Joy is stamped out by another's boots. Marked as a "bad kid", A kettle; about to pop it's lid. Emotions blend into a mess. Anger = happiness. I fill the void with whatever I can. Danger and … Continue reading Strife