Down but Never Out

The Resolution So it’s been almost a month since I posted. It sucks how a couple days of not writing can turn into a week, a month and so forth. I didn’t want to let that happen, and this blog means too much to me to allow myself to give up on it. The funny … Continue reading Down but Never Out



Not Your Choice, Not Your Fault There are a lot of things in the world we cannot control. The seasons, the weather, the weekend (I am sure we wish we could). These things and many more can have some effect on our daily lives, if we allow them too. Then there are other things in … Continue reading Choices


Caught between. No time scream. Whispered secrets cut you deep. No right or wrong. Can’t get along. Who do I choose? Abusive and intrusive, Or, Intrusive and abusive. Left alone to dwell, I sit here, in my own private hell. Used, abused and thrown away.