Physical Distancing

So today is my birthday. My mom’s birthday was yesterday and this is the first birthday in 33 years we weren’t able to get together and celebrate. No matter how far away we lived from each other we always made sure to get together. Missing this celebration is hard, but it’s necessary. I read of … Continue reading Physical Distancing

A Time for Togetherness

I’ve been spending the last few weeks spending my time and energy on my family. My wife has a compromised immune system and my daughter has asthma so I’ve been slightly stressed since January. I live in the USA and we’re so unprepared as a country that it’s scary. So we’ve been self quarantined for … Continue reading A Time for Togetherness

Lost Souls – 3 Haikus

The Damned Dragged under the earth. Pulled apart by past demons. My soul burns brightly. The Forsaken Lost and forgotten, Swimming in the river Lethe. Soul lost forever. The Redeemed Pulled out of deaths grip. Ascending stairway of light. Forever shining.