Lately I feel like I am not living life. It’s like I am stuck in a film, and I am watching this version of myself on a loop. It’s beyond predictable and redundant, it’s disheartening. I know that I need structure, but I feel like the borg someday; fully assimilated (This is a super nerdy … Continue reading Trapped



(Dedicated to my loving wife of almost 10 years) Will it happen, Once again. A moment etched, Forever in my mind. Still nights spent alone. Questioning. The reality of it all. It feels like yesterday — Everyday. 5 years blends with 10, But these thoughts never rot. Freshly sewed pain, From a barren field. Dried … Continue reading Singularity

Tremble – 3 Haikus

Beaten Down Power slips through my hand, Like a million grains of sand. Crumpled and alone. Imprisoned Tears streak down my face, Like an old dam in a storm. Flooded by my fear. Lifted up Love lifts up my heart, Like sunshine in a rainstorm. Steadied by new hope.