Not Your Choice, Not Your Fault There are a lot of things in the world we cannot control. The seasons, the weather, the weekend (I am sure we wish we could). These things and many more can have some effect on our daily lives, if we allow them too. Then there are other things in … Continue reading Choices



Terror grips a young man's mind. A smile; a mask he hides behind. Darkness spreads out like roots, Joy is stamped out by another's boots. Marked as a "bad kid", A kettle; about to pop it's lid. Emotions blend into a mess. Anger = happiness. I fill the void with whatever I can. Danger and … Continue reading Strife


As funny as it seems, To crush other people’s dreams. Your no kidder... You’re always messing with my mind, But everyone is blind. Every words a lie, But no one bats an eye. Your everyone’s favorite clown, But you always bring me down. Down, Down, Down... In sorrow I drown. Only one thing left to … Continue reading Joker