Day Tripping

Mindless, Never spineless, Total deafness and blindness, Leaving you timeless. Utterly out of control, Backwards into a pole, Tripping down a one way hole, Nat 1 role, Lost soul.

First Kiss

Hands shaking, Deep breaths taking, The nights air burning, My body’s yearning, Twisting turning, Basking in your eyes. Pressed against your supple form, Body tight and warm. My hands upon your thighs. Lips do quiver, From the midnight shiver. A moment so divine…. 💋


Tension writhes beneath the skin. Sluggishly bubbling in pops and stops. Freezing your veins. Tendons snap taught, Binding your thoughts... Breathing in wet cement. Every movement is a stru-ggle; Traum-a-tiz-ing and par-a-Liz-ing. Until… You’re…. Fr-o-zen… S—-o-l-i—d.


(I took this picture this morning and it inspired me to write this poem.) A slight breeze, Blows heavy on the water. Clearing the debris, The clutter and fodder. Transformative, translucent and free, The graceful art of fluidity. One minute of clear skies, Shelters the bleak cries. Storm clouds break and the sky is clear, … Continue reading Pondering



Sliding upwards, Balanced slightly. Blinding light, Stagger nightly. Demonic fright, Unnerving screams. Shadowed by forever dreams. Unshakable pressure to preform Backed by an emotional storm. Empty feeling, The darkness appealing. Directionally challenged... Fate holds cards, it should not be dealing.

Lost Children

Metaphorical car crash. Like an AutoTuned bash. A ball for one tone death soul. Like a Shoe double patched over the same hole. Double back, and watch your step Alice. Don’t get left behind, chained down by malice. Like hatred taking the righteous out this story. All the innocence we leave stuck in Purgatory. Children … Continue reading Lost Children


Mindlessly wandering, Subconsciously pondering. A turn here and there, Fate moves through the air. Blind to the path, The science and math. Unbeknownst bliss, A life not to miss.