Lost Souls – 3 Haikus

The Damned Dragged under the earth. Pulled apart by past demons. My soul burns brightly. The Forsaken Lost and forgotten, Swimming in the river Lethe. Soul lost forever. The Redeemed Pulled out of deaths grip. Ascending stairway of light. Forever shining.


Midnight... Daywalking through the night. Body rests, but my minds not right. Dreams weave into reality. Lids closed tight, but my eyes still see. Voices keeping me awake. Brain fog and joints ache. Alarm beeping and coffee steeping. 8 hours in bed — zero sleeping.


Left without my paramour... Torn violently away from me. Battle scarred and broken, I bleat out my soliloquy. Left with phantom pains... Loss constricts my breath. Shame lays leaden in my gut. I harken for whispers of death. Left without a reason... Haphazardly abandoned. A husk of my former self. My heart lays scattered and … Continue reading Stranded


Lights Out

Darkness illuminates the mind, It pacifies the soul. Helps to lose what you can’t find. Removes the illusion of control. The bleak surroundings disappear, The darkness, my true friend. She protects me from light, he’s the one I fear.