Day Tripping

Mindless, Never spineless, Total deafness and blindness, Leaving you timeless. Utterly out of control, Backwards into a pole, Tripping down a one way hole, Nat 1 role, Lost soul.

Who knows?

It’s crazy how much we rely on things we have no real understanding of. I know that there are a lot of intelligent people out there who could probably come up with an answer or at least explanations for most things. I also know that there are a lot of spiritual people who also feel … Continue reading Who knows?


Lost Love – 3 Haikus

Desire Staring at the moon. Full of unbridled urges, Craving just one touch. Despair Drink myself to sleep, Haunted by my decisions. Drowning in sorrow. Destruction Sitting at our spot. Unraveling way too fast. A fool on a spool.


Left without my paramour... Torn violently away from me. Battle scarred and broken, I bleat out my soliloquy. Left with phantom pains... Loss constricts my breath. Shame lays leaden in my gut. I harken for whispers of death. Left without a reason... Haphazardly abandoned. A husk of my former self. My heart lays scattered and … Continue reading Stranded


One lonely letter, Among many better. There is no riddle, To why I am stuck in the middle. My life was painful... It’s true. Until I met U.