Day Tripping

Mindless, Never spineless, Total deafness and blindness, Leaving you timeless. Utterly out of control, Backwards into a pole, Tripping down a one way hole, Nat 1 role, Lost soul.

The In-Between

Trapped... Light hits the dark. Shadows spark. Substantially vague, Memories plague, My fractured mind. Gray in design, A blurred line. Pain without measure, But equally pleasure. Sight unseen, The In-Between.

Insomnia – 3 Haikus

Sight Eyes betray my mind. Shadows move where life is not. Fogging my senses. Sound Ears betray my mind. Whispers of insanity. Voices speak half-truths. Touch Mind betrays body. My mental landscape shatters. Shutting systems down.


Going to the store, Another stupid chore. Walking past the train station. Caught on the draft of inspiration. There’s a new train of thought. What happened to that train I bought. Robots are really cool. I’m so hot, time for the pool. Shooting billiards sounds great. Wait...Wait... Wait... I hesitate... Shit, gotta get to the … Continue reading ADHD


The Mist

Tripping through the Twisted remains. Turning tactfully, holding back the reigns. My mind and soul, No longer whole. I sever the tether, Now I am light as a feather. My being ceases to exist, As I float through the mist. To the throne of the Great Unknown.

The Window

There sits a window in a room, Between realities. Where it overlooks, Only the blind can see. To look beyond the curtain, Is to see what can’t be seen. All can gaze upon it, Most will never know what I mean. In a window there is a room, Between realities.

The Wheel

Turning. Click, clack, click... Snap! Pop! Thud! Shit!!! Wheels in motion, Stop for a notion. A thought can derail, The mind that is frail. Be weary of the path you choose. If the wheel comes off; you lose.

Lights Out

Darkness illuminates the mind, It pacifies the soul. Helps to lose what you can’t find. Removes the illusion of control. The bleak surroundings disappear, The darkness, my true friend. She protects me from light, he’s the one I fear.