Sight My hearts a flutter, From a mere glimpse of your eyes. I’m captivated. Touch My body quivers, As your silken hand touches mine. Graced by an Angel. Sound My ears are twice blessed, The definition of hot. Lust drips from your lips.

Lost Love – 3 Haikus

Desire Staring at the moon. Full of unbridled urges, Craving just one touch. Despair Drink myself to sleep, Haunted by my decisions. Drowning in sorrow. Destruction Sitting at our spot. Unraveling way too fast. A fool on a spool.

Tremble – 3 Haikus

Beaten Down Power slips through my hand, Like a million grains of sand. Crumpled and alone. Imprisoned Tears streak down my face, Like an old dam in a storm. Flooded by my fear. Lifted up Love lifts up my heart, Like sunshine in a rainstorm. Steadied by new hope.

Cycles – 3 Haikus

Death Fear racks my body. Holding me underwater. Lungs burn for freedom. Limbo Starring down my past. Fighting for my very life. Strength bursts from my soul. Rebirth Transforming my fear. Into a source of power. Surviving the day.

The Mountain

The Fall Sweat drips down my brow. Fingers trembling, grip gives. Falling from too high. The Mountain Older than our goals. Apathetic to our cause. Win or Lose — Our choice. The Ascent Arms swing wildly. To fall is death, but not yet. Fingertips dig deep.