Lately I feel like I am not living life. It’s like I am stuck in a film, and I am watching this version of myself on a loop. It’s beyond predictable and redundant, it’s disheartening. I know that I need structure, but I feel like the borg someday; fully assimilated (This is a super nerdy … Continue reading Trapped

Grammatically Incorrect.

Writing makes me feel so clever, I could run-on forever. Every syllable and rhyme, Is placed for the pace to climb. I used to question every single pause, Now I’m just a rebel without a clause. Slipping into a comma coma, Verbs drag me out with their aroma. Every line a proclamation, Designed to cause … Continue reading Grammatically Incorrect.

Lost Souls – 3 Haikus

The Damned Dragged under the earth. Pulled apart by past demons. My soul burns brightly. The Forsaken Lost and forgotten, Swimming in the river Lethe. Soul lost forever. The Redeemed Pulled out of deaths grip. Ascending stairway of light. Forever shining.


The Ripple Effect of Trauma Sometimes I obsess over my past trauma, I get triggered and just loose it. This is something I am actively working on, and I have gotten better at handling it. I understand that it wasn’t my fault and I shouldn’t feel ashamed of what happened in my youth. The one … Continue reading Mistakes


The heavens tear apart, Ripping asunder the frivolous evening. Calming beams of pure enlightenment, Break the void of darkness. What was once, will never be again. To each of us, a chance at redemption. A virgin slate, a destiny unforetold.


Gradually falling through a spacial abyss, Trapped in my head, somethings amiss. Dark twisted thoughts seep through my skin, Manipulating and transforming -- The product of sin. A single ray of light burns through the dark, I can see clearly for once, thanks to a spark. Crawling slowly up the slope, a much harder climb, … Continue reading Redemption