Day Tripping

Mindless, Never spineless, Total deafness and blindness, Leaving you timeless. Utterly out of control, Backwards into a pole, Tripping down a one way hole, Nat 1 role, Lost soul.

A Time for Togetherness

I’ve been spending the last few weeks spending my time and energy on my family. My wife has a compromised immune system and my daughter has asthma so I’ve been slightly stressed since January. I live in the USA and we’re so unprepared as a country that it’s scary. So we’ve been self quarantined for … Continue reading A Time for Togetherness



Caught... Distraught... A Single Thought... Why? Brain fried. Love denied. Stripped of pride. Awestruck. Cement Stuck. Out of luck. Stranded. Branded. Where have I landed? Fuck the plight, And this eternal night. I won’t go down, Without a fight.


Worn out beyond all measure, Dragged down below the Mariana. Left without a trace of pleasure. Wandering lost across the Savanna, Burnt out and torn asunder. When life feels like it’s full of hate, The sun beckons light. And I shed all weight. And removes the darkness from the night.

Lost Love – 3 Haikus

Desire Staring at the moon. Full of unbridled urges, Craving just one touch. Despair Drink myself to sleep, Haunted by my decisions. Drowning in sorrow. Destruction Sitting at our spot. Unraveling way too fast. A fool on a spool.

Intrinsic Indifference

Life crashes against me, With a primordial force. Darkness surrounds me, dragging me to my knees. Into the bleak divide I fall. Breathless.... Floating downwards, Into the nothingness. Finally at peace.