Focusing…… or at Least Trying to

I have ADHD and some days are just a whirl of me running around like a squirrel on fire. I tend to stop and start projects in general, so these days I try not to start anything important, but I told myself I was going to make a post once a day.

This is part of my recovery and it has seemed to help, so I am going to try and focus for at least long enough to write something coherent.

I have a hard time holding one thought, and most days I can calm my mind and just focus on one word at a time, and sick to one point.

This is not one of those days.

This opportunity to share my thoughts, opinions and advice is an outlet I’ve craved for a long time. I was so scared of putting myself out there, I was certain I would not be noticed at all or mocked.

I’ve carried a lot of shame with me, ever since I was a child and for awhile I thought that I didn’t deserve to write or share my story. I didn’t think there was any value n my writing or myself.

I want to say I appreciate everyone who has already started following my blog even though I am still in the early and I mean super early stages of having it. I just passed a week and I honestly didn’t think I’d have any followers.

I am shaking and I need to get up and run around, do something physical.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by, I appreciate the support.


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