Crazy – 3 Haikus

Mislabeled They say your crazy. Mislabeling the victims. Fighting for their minds. Misunderstood The Misunderstood. Fighting the burning stigma. That scars our scarred minds. Warriors We fight for us all. Breaking down the ignorance. Blind hate is crazy.



Currents of doubt wash over me, Is this truly my destiny? I walk towards the open door. Opportunities galore. But failure starts to loom. My life seems drenched in gloom. What stared out as a bright day, Has become a world of gray. As the door slams shut in my face, I fall back into … Continue reading Monotony

Weekend Fun

I have a crazy weekend going on. It’s my daughters birthday on Monday and it’s also one of the last truly nice weekends where I live. I am excited for fall, but it’s definitely a time to reflect on the summer that’s passed. So we have so much planned, plus I have some writing to … Continue reading Weekend Fun

Drastic – 3 Haikus

Running Away From Darting for the door, Overwhelmed by childhood fears. Flashbacks in the wind. The Choice False smiles mask sadness. Pain reflected in dead eyes. One way out of life. Between Life and Death Death watches over me. One decision frees my soul. I choose to live life.


As I stagger towards these eroded shores, Fog creeps out from unknown pores. Phantasms appear and they circle me. Creatures born of wrath and cruelty. They cackle out as they get near, And I fall back in paralyzing fear. Your specter glows so bright, The ghostly figures fade from sight. You spared my life, though … Continue reading Lost


Cruel creatures craft cryptic conspiracies. Candidly crawling. Crazily clawing. Clandestine Chimera craving chaos. Calvary! Cherubim charge, childlike chanting chiefs. Changelings chased, checked, chastened. Challengers championing change. Checkmate.