Portrait of an Addict

This poem is more like free running for my soul. The man depicted in the following piece is a scared, sad and self destructive boy. Someone who was headed for a quick exit off of the highway. This is me 15 years ago. Act One Acting tough, In a meek way. Flashing that broken smile. … Continue reading Portrait of an Addict

Down but Never Out

The Resolution So it’s been almost a month since I posted. It sucks how a couple days of not writing can turn into a week, a month and so forth. I didn’t want to let that happen, and this blog means too much to me to allow myself to give up on it. The funny … Continue reading Down but Never Out


Positivity blinds me, It fuckin binds me. I strive, Not to thrive! To just survive. Tight rope walking, Fake shit talking. Welcome to my life, The age of strife. Bat shit crazy, With a hungry knife. I get paid I get laid, The chaos fades. But.. The demon might sleep, But my soul it will … Continue reading Fallen


One step forward, Falling back, Broken ankles, Legs go slack. Molasses footing, On sinking land. Failing forward into quicksand. Life feels bleak, But I remember, The truth I seek. No matter how much you fail, You always must try... To prevail.


Slithering underneath, Where no one hears. Hiding behind, A mask of tears. Skin crawling, At the sight. Smile twisted, Wound too tight. A secret hid, In plain view, Stalking prey. Nothing to you... I don’t know how to be brave, When all I do is “Misbehave”.


Structure unheard of. Unsubstantial in stance. Flagrantly fluid, Brings on a trance. A trifle misleading, Appearance is meek. The illusion subsiding, No longer weak. The stench of a demon, Brimstone and fear, Sulfur and suffering, Brings on a tear. Do not mistake, Beauty for love. A changeling can wait, Below or above.

Christmas Chaos

So, I haven’t been posting as much as I would like too, but that’s how the holidays go. It’s been chaotic here, but in a good way. Just scrambling around trying to get everything ready for Christmas. This is the first time in years that I am not working Christmas night, so I am pretty … Continue reading Christmas Chaos