Emotions smash against my thoughts,

my thoughts against my fears.

Swirling through madness,

Breaking down in tears.

I’m going under,

Torn asunder.

Going down,




3 thoughts on “Whirlpool

  1. Marty says:

    There is a battle raging in your mind. When we take action and are on the journey, trauma reacts

    Our “Ego” fights hard to keep control

    So know this is how healing feels.

    It is not easy.


    • One Regular Dad says:

      It’s not easy, but it’s definitely an important part of the healing process.

      Pouring my raw emotions into a piece of poetry, helps release some of the emotional baggage I drag around with me.

      Thanks for all the support.


  2. Marty says:

    If you were in my mindfulness group, we would work addressing this while meditating

    Think of thoughts and emotions as appendages, our true self is our power, our core. Thoughts and emotions are transparent, ephemeral and fleeting.

    If we refuse to judge, to ruminate we get better

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