This is a post I didn’t expect to write.

I never intentionally set out to write poetry on this blog. Poetry is a past time, but I had never let anyone else read it.

Honestly, In the past I hardly ever shared any of my writing. I have been at it almost 17 years and it wasn’t until I started this blog, that I really felt brave enough to share my work.

I am now at a crossroads, I am currently working on writing an E-Book, which I will launch next year, but I may start a second one.

I had someone recently tell me I should write a book of poetry. A notion I never thought of. I don’t consider myself a poet, it’s just something I do to express the chaos inside of me.

This conversation sparked an interest, but I am still on the fence though.

Could I actually sell a book of poetry?

A thought that has been plaguing me all week.

My poetry is raw, it’s a product of my emotions. I feel exposed when I share it, it’s almost more personal then writing about my life.

I am getting to a better place in my life, but I am still battling PTSD, anxiety, depression and chronic pain.

So I don’t want to put myself out there just to realize I am trying to be something I am not.

I know I have to try in order to succeed and even if I fail it’s a building block to success. I truly believe this, but it doesn’t change the fact that I am scared.

That being said, this blog started out as therapy. A way for me to get out of my own head. To share my story and life experiences with people going through similar struggles.

I have done that and more, and I’ve met some great people on here.

So far it has been an amazing journey and I am excited for where this blog is headed.

I have to thank everyone for the support. I wouldn’t have started sharing my writing if it wasn’t for all of you.

Well I am going to continue to share my poetry on here and I might just write a book of poetry.

I would love to hear from you. So far I’ve gotten some great advice on here. I appreciate any feedback, and I hope you all have a great day.


13 thoughts on “Crossroads

  1. glitzyritzymommy says:

    Wow i have done the same been writing since i was 18. Never put it out there until this blog! Well i think you have a lot of talent and admire your posts and the person you are! You have talent and you shine my dear! You got this!!! 🙂 God bless

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      • glitzyritzymommy says:

        I agree its taking that first step! Trials and pain in life are hurdles that hold us back I am not spared either however I believe I started this blog for a reason as did you. And people like you inspire me and you have my support your blog is real and in life that’s all I ever want to be! God bless you and your wife 💜


  2. Cocktails With Hemingway says:

    I am the worst poet EVER. Seriously. I used to write pervy little rhyming couplets about horribly inappropriate things [maybe I should make an anthology with those 😉] but in terms of actual poetic talent, I have none. It’s probably the only form of writing I’m not at least somewhat decently able to produce. I’m envious– in a positive and supportive way– of anyone who can write poetry. If your mind/heart/soul is telling you to, go for it! No doubt it will leave you raw, naked, exposed, vulnerable…but I think the payoff will be well worth it.

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  3. Jean says:

    I don’t think you necessarily have to be confident to do it. Looking back, you probably did a lot of things with low self-confidence and your confidence grew as you did them.

    You could break it down into steps – selecting the poems to include, learning about self-publishing, choosing a company, formatting the book, etc.

    One thing I would strongly suggest starting right now, today, is a list of people you would like to know about the book when/if it gets out there. It takes a long time to collect contacts. Maybe a spreadsheet – name, email, a note about who they are and how you came across them, Everybody from your blog goes right on the llist! And you could ask pple to share their contacts with you, too.

    I can tell you more about the use of such a list if you want.

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