Positivity blinds me, It fuckin binds me. I strive, Not to thrive! To just survive. Tight rope walking, Fake shit talking. Welcome to my life, The age of strife. Bat shit crazy, With a hungry knife. I get paid I get laid, The chaos fades. But.. The demon might sleep, But my soul it will … Continue reading Fallen


Train Wreck

On the right track, get off my back. Why can't you cut me some fucking slack? Off the rails, telling tale tales. About to crash, and everyone bails. My minds full of clutter, my hearts aflutter. Thrown and alone, I lay in the gutter.

Fast Lane

Flying by the seat of my pants. All legs, no dance. Running fast. Can it last??? Days go by, Speed or die. Line after line. No food all wine. Running low on cash. Here comes the crash... Stopping... Dropping... Rock bottomed out. Will it end? — No doubt.


It's Not a Four Letter Word. I have been down some dark paths in my life. Inside I knew they would lead nowhere, but I still journeyed down them. These decisions were not made out of ignorance or stupidity. They were made out of fear of change, because in some ways it felt safe and … Continue reading Hope