One Hit

Today is the day.

I will no longer get my fix.

No doubt. No way.

Getting myself out of the mix.

I feel so free,

I am finally me.

Tired as hell,

Not feeling so well.

Distracting my brain,

Life is a strain.

Crawling out of my shirt.

One hit wouldn’t hurt.

Wait, stop! What are you thinking!!!

No drugs! No drinking!

Thinking of you…

What should I do???

Pacing a rut in the floor.

I head for the door.

Sitting in the car for an hour.

Fuck, I need a cold shower.

Water running over my head.

My mind full of dread.

Feeling so alone,

I go grab my phone.

Staring at the screen.

What would one hit really mean?

I call you, to talk me down,

But you’re gone, so in tears I drown.

One more call, now I feel like shit.

What could it hurt, I just need one hit.


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