So I’ve been having some really in-depth and intense conversations about emotions lately. I know a lot of the poetry I write is chock filled with what I call “emotional vomit”. I just have these emotions and instead of letting them pass I like to let them inspire me. Their not always positive emotions, some … Continue reading Emotions

Emotional Intelligence

I spent most of my life as a slave to my emotions. I would get angry or sad on a whim. It was frustrating and damaging. It’s extremely difficult to be successful when your mood changes on a dime. I tanked a few jobs and pushed some great people out of my life because of … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence


Positivity blinds me, It fuckin binds me. I strive, Not to thrive! To just survive. Tight rope walking, Fake shit talking. Welcome to my life, The age of strife. Bat shit crazy, With a hungry knife. I get paid I get laid, The chaos fades. But.. The demon might sleep, But my soul it will … Continue reading Fallen


(Dedicated to my loving wife of almost 10 years) Will it happen, Once again. A moment etched, Forever in my mind. Still nights spent alone. Questioning. The reality of it all. It feels like yesterday — Everyday. 5 years blends with 10, But these thoughts never rot. Freshly sewed pain, From a barren field. Dried … Continue reading Singularity


Crazy parties, Hosted. Sailing through, Coasted. Jokes and grief, Roasted. Talking trash, Boasted. Stupid comments, Posted. Friends and family, Ghosted. Burnt out, Toasted.