(Dedicated to my loving wife of almost 10 years)

Will it happen,

Once again.

A moment etched,

Forever in my mind.

Still nights spent alone.


The reality of it all.

It feels like yesterday — Everyday.

5 years blends with 10,

But these thoughts never rot.

Freshly sewed pain,

From a barren field.

Dried up and hollow,

But scarred with age.

Waiting and praying,

Scared of time repeating.

Sitting with one hand shaking,

And the other stuck.

Glued to the fast-forward button,

One instant ripples through time.

Crippling me.

I sit staring at a pond,

Hoping for calm waters,

But hating the man I see.

Wanting to drown the pain,

With anything at hand.

Then I met you…

One instant frozen in time.

A life saving moment.

You saw past my scars,

Past my pain and anger.

You drew emotions up,

Feelings I didn’t think existed.

One second can change you,

But years can heal you.

A patchwork of choices,

Brought us here.

It still feels like yesterday — Everyday.

5 year of joy flow into 10.

You are the brush to my canvas,

And the pen to my pad.


You provided clarity,

At the beauty of a singularity.


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