Bi-Polar Blitz

So still sick with Covid, but I decided to do a little writing and put on some tunes and that lead to me my project. So, I have been working on this project for the last year, and I use the word project very loosely. It’s actually a playlist, but with a twist. The rules … Continue reading Bi-Polar Blitz


Who knows?

It’s crazy how much we rely on things we have no real understanding of. I know that there are a lot of intelligent people out there who could probably come up with an answer or at least explanations for most things. I also know that there are a lot of spiritual people who also feel … Continue reading Who knows?


Lately I feel like I am not living life. It’s like I am stuck in a film, and I am watching this version of myself on a loop. It’s beyond predictable and redundant, it’s disheartening. I know that I need structure, but I feel like the borg someday; fully assimilated (This is a super nerdy … Continue reading Trapped

Panic at the…

Slinking through the crowd. Voices jumbled, colors loud. Walls are compacting, now closing. Mannequins imposting. Staring and over beating. Fleeing through molasses. Twisting turning, there go my glasses. Stopping, thrown through a loop. Breathing erratic, trying to regroup. Boxed in, can’t breathe. Panic stricken, need to leave. Thoughts racing, Legs bracing. Tear stricken cheeks. Worst … Continue reading Panic at the…

Tremble – 3 Haikus

Beaten Down Power slips through my hand, Like a million grains of sand. Crumpled and alone. Imprisoned Tears streak down my face, Like an old dam in a storm. Flooded by my fear. Lifted up Love lifts up my heart, Like sunshine in a rainstorm. Steadied by new hope.