Lost in Thought


I sit and wait.

And deliberate.


Your scent fills my head.

The sheets still crumpled on the bed.

A thought…

Through time I’m brought…

To us…

Together we are one.

Symbiotic fun.

Tangled web of thighs.

Your eyes…

Gateways to another time.

Whisked away. All Reason, no Rhyme.

Lost in a moment perpetually…

But that’s just a memory.

Then things went sideways…

Gone for days.

I was so low.

Nowhere to go.

But so high…


The higher I get, the harder the fall.

Life’s a ball.

But what’s the cost?


Again just a memory…

Life is lived by the free.

That’s just not me.

I don’t agree.

Here I go again.

A different time… But when?





Trapped in my head.

Haunted by the dead…

Forever wandering.

Alone… I sit pondering.


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