Physical Distancing

So today is my birthday. My mom’s birthday was yesterday and this is the first birthday in 33 years we weren’t able to get together and celebrate.

No matter how far away we lived from each other we always made sure to get together. Missing this celebration is hard, but it’s necessary.

I read of so many people saying they don’t think it’s important enough to practice “social distancing”, that their plans are more important then the greater health of us as a people.

I think the term itself is a misconception. We live in a time where we have the ability to connect with people that we would have never had access to in the past.

If this pandemic would have happened in the past, this would be truly social distancing. Luckily we can connect and share moments with each other without ever leaving the house.

We can safely connect while still keeping physical boundaries. So my mom and I celebrated our birthday through text and phone calls. I just have to teach her to FaceTime lol and then we can chat as a family later.

So stay safe and continue to keep connected with your love ones.


13 thoughts on “Physical Distancing

  1. S. Chersis says:

    Happy birthday! I’m sorry you couldn’t celebrate it the way you’re used to, but it’s really good to see people respecting the distancing. May next year’s be full of people and shared cake!

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