So I’ve been having some really in-depth and intense conversations about emotions lately. I know a lot of the poetry I write is chock filled with what I call “emotional vomit”. I just have these emotions and instead of letting them pass I like to let them inspire me. Their not always positive emotions, some … Continue reading Emotions



Positivity blinds me, It fuckin binds me. I strive, Not to thrive! To just survive. Tight rope walking, Fake shit talking. Welcome to my life, The age of strife. Bat shit crazy, With a hungry knife. I get paid I get laid, The chaos fades. But.. The demon might sleep, But my soul it will … Continue reading Fallen


A tap on the shoulder, And the weight of the world shifts. Like a car with a blown out clutch. Clutched in my hands are fragmented words. Words... My words turned you away from me. So, I turn about face, to face the music. Only to face a mere reflection. A photo copied piece of … Continue reading Turn

The Promised Land

The brazen breeze, and bitter taste. A thousand grains, not one a waste. Heat assaults without reason. Burning with tears of treason. The barren stretches will consume, all who falter in it’s womb. Blood stained land! By an act of man, or by the devils hand? Flesh of my flesh. Fused together we mesh, Blood … Continue reading The Promised Land


Starring at the great abyss, Questioning if I can do this. Lungs burn as I hold my breath, Staring at the face of death. Jumping without thinking, Jitters from the drinking. Submerged into the great beyond. Swimming in a waterless pond. Emerging from the other side. Life in an eternal ride.


Unbeknownst to him, I watched on a whim. Translations of a dead tongue, Eyes wide and fever wrung. Caught as I watch in fear, Danger draws near. Stopping for no breeze, Lungs burn and wheeze. Cruel brutality, Irrationality. No where to run or hide. I increase my stride. Chased down fast... No matter how far … Continue reading Watched

Through the Vail

Flying through the cosmos blind, Leaving all my woes behind. An eternal soul purified, Celestial bodies at my side. Transformation. Exploration. My body bleeds out and dies, But the universe opens my eyes.