Weekend Fun

I have a crazy weekend going on. It’s my daughters birthday on Monday and it’s also one of the last truly nice weekends where I live. I am excited for fall, but it’s definitely a time to reflect on the summer that’s passed.

So we have so much planned, plus I have some writing to catch up on.

I’ve made some great strides forward this summer, so even though it’s almost over I look forward to the rest of what has been a rollercoaster of a year.

That being said this is my favorite time of the year. I am obsessed with horror movies and books. Even with all my anxiety, for some reason horror movies calm me down, maybe because the plot lines are usually so cheesy, but I just love them.

I also used to make props with my brother in-law, so I love making my own decorations and costumes. My daughter is also in love with Halloween, so it’s something special that we have in common.

Another Milestone


So thankful for all the support and this is just motivating me to push out more quality content.

I’ve been predominantly sharing poetry and my views on mental health. These are two areas I really feel passionate about.

The funny thing is when I started this blog I wasn’t planning on sharing my poetry, it felt more personal then sharing my stories of childhood abuse.

I think it’s because I’ve become more vocal about my abuse and mental state over the last couple years. I’ve used this pain from the past to propel myself forward, and connect with a community of like minded people. A community that I am proud to be a part of.

I’ve been writing poetry for years. It’s always been the best medium to take my rawest emotions and regurgitate then onto the page. My pain and loss written out before I’ve even had time to consciously mull it over. That’s what makes it such a vulnerable art form for me.

The funniest thing about this blog is that it started out as a form of therapy, and it’s definitely been that, but it’s also been the creative outlet I’ve been looking for.

This blog has lit a fire under my ass. For the first time in years I am writing like a hurricane, and I love it.

That being said I am going to be restructuring this blog slightly. I am still going to be writing poetry throughout the week, but I am also going to start sharing some flash fiction.

I am striving to be a published writer, and am closer to that dream then ever.

Next year I have at least one E-Book that’s going to be published. It’s a fiction novel, and I’ll share more details as the year progresses.

As always feel free to comment if you have any advice or questions for me. I am so excited with where this year is taking me, and I have all of you to thank for that.

Have a great day.


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