Emotional Intelligence

I spent most of my life as a slave to my emotions. I would get angry or sad on a whim. It was frustrating and damaging. It’s extremely difficult to be successful when your mood changes on a dime. I tanked a few jobs and pushed some great people out of my life because of … Continue reading Emotional Intelligence



Victory... An established feat? Packed and secured. Or... Visceral and absurd. Fleeting and intangible? Or... Timely and manageable. An upward struggle fought, Is a cause that can’t be bought. So... Time well spent, And pure intent, Will bring you through. So never relent.


Lately I feel like I am not living life. It’s like I am stuck in a film, and I am watching this version of myself on a loop. It’s beyond predictable and redundant, it’s disheartening. I know that I need structure, but I feel like the borg someday; fully assimilated (This is a super nerdy … Continue reading Trapped


This is a post I didn’t expect to write. I never intentionally set out to write poetry on this blog. Poetry is a past time, but I had never let anyone else read it. Honestly, In the past I hardly ever shared any of my writing. I have been at it almost 17 years and … Continue reading Crossroads

Ups and Downs

I haven’t really had the time to write anything recently (besides some poetry here and there). Even as I write that, I acknowledge that this is only a half-truth. Yes, I have been super busy lately, and I’ve been finding it harder and harder to get out of bed. It seems like a combination of … Continue reading Ups and Downs

Weekend Fun

I have a crazy weekend going on. It’s my daughters birthday on Monday and it’s also one of the last truly nice weekends where I live. I am excited for fall, but it’s definitely a time to reflect on the summer that’s passed. So we have so much planned, plus I have some writing to … Continue reading Weekend Fun